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About Us

Here we stand; we can do none other

The History

First projects pitched in 2006 and the musical quality continously improved to nowadays level of expertise. Since more than 10 years I have been quite successful in endless learning about room resonances, mastering, mixing, corelation of a stereo image (sometimes mono has to be sufficient...) and frequencies meeting the sweet spot.

My curriculum so far:

  • 2006 - Hello Cubase
  • 2006 - I got new hardware
  • 2007 - I found the "power on" button
  • 2008 - missed that completely somehow...
  • 2010 - Firewire beats USB, WIN 7 meets Cubase
  • 2011 - lots of good talks
  • 2012 - back to musical work, first major voice over pending still...

Partners in Crime

  • Christian Heise
    Starting back in the late 70's as 1st soprano in a classical boys' choir, I've dedicated my spare time to music ever since. My vocal coach of these days, 84 years of age in 1978 already, taught me that for a musician, everything is linked to breathing, giving pace, style, and colour to your work - no matter whether you are a composer, a vocalist or whether you are playing an instrument. Well, it's been quite some time, but yes: The moving spirit of music never faded, driving me towards writing soundtracks for ads and image videos of global players. Today I am a marketeer which sometimes feels like more than a full-time job. But although time for music has become rather tight, my work is giving me the opportunity to drop ideas of soundtracks every know an then ;-) Have fun while listening and... ...just push play! 
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